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"I feel the need of attaining the maximum of intensity with the minimum of means. It is this which
has led me to give my painting a character of even greater bareness." - Joan Miro

Modern Decor Joan Miro

     Modern Decor with Joan Miro is designed to present a collection of Joan Miro paintings that would be a perfect addition to any room. From the living room to the children's room, the unconventional work of Joan Miro is perfect to lighten up any room in the house. His style of automatic drawing makes for a very unique art experience, sure to make any guests interested in your art collection.

     To the left is a painting by Joan Miro titled L'Oro Dell'Azzurro, or, The Gold of the Azure. Painted in 1967 during the height of his career, it shows his continued use of signs and symbols as his main form of expression. On its surface the painting appears to be a child's version of the solar system, but a closer examination reveals the figure of a man and woman, portraying the masculine and feminine principals. It is a new vision of Miro's cosmology.

     This is another Joan Miro painting titled Personagge Devan Soleil, or, Figure in Front of the Sun. In the late 70s, Miro began to change his style to a very distinguishable form of composition that he had not used before. Miro uses a thick black outline to structure the painting, while incorporating other colors through division and empty spaces. Though most of his work is spontaneous, Joan Miro never neglects the importance of composition. All parts of the painting work together, and if any one aspect is removed, the painting would fall apart.

     For years Miro has been inspiring other artists to paint in the same fashion as him. One artist in particular whose work is very similar to Miro is Eric Waugh. Waugh is a completely self taught artist who paints mostly with acrylics. Much like Joan Miro, his vibrant
colors and lively subjects make his art fun and at the same time sophisticated. Waugh is also know for showcasing his ability to paint in front of a live audience, and has painted on stage with such musicians as Tony Bennett, Jefferson Starship, The Wallflowers, and the Doobie Brothers. He has also showcased his art on live television. Eric Waugh currently holds the Guinness World Record of the largest painting ever on canvas, at 41,000 square feet.
     Another artist who has taken great influence from Joan Miro is Wassily Kandinsky. Below is a painting of his titled Mit und Gegen, which to the naked eye would appear to be a recreation of a painting by Miro himself. Kandinsky, a Russian born painter, was born before
Miro and is credited to being one of the first artists to paint abstract works of art. Kandinsky was very isolated during his
painting career, mainly due to the fact that Impressionism was the main form of art and the style of abstract painting that Kandinsky enjoyed was not yet accepted in the art world.

     Joan Miro once said he got the ideas for his paintings from images he would see on his ceiling while trying to fall asleep. He would see an image and scribble it down in a notebook, and would then add other shapes and figures at random as he painted. This type of painting enabled Miro to invent a style that has been unmatched in modern art, a unique and almost indescribable form of Surrealist painting. Joan Miro art is sure to grab the attention of everyone who walks into a room, and is a perfect addition to any modern home.

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